October 2012 Website Making Workshop

From October 15-24 of this year, Kalaam Media held a website-making workshop in Manila.  The workshop participants - most of them members of northern Philippine language communities - uploaded cultural songs, translated scriptures, and other language-related documents like orthographies and literacy aids. What normally would have taken several months or even a year was done in eight days. By the end of the workshop, fifteen websites were launched. And the participants walked away with the skills to manage the sites themselves by editing or adding more content.
The Philippine language groups and organizations that participated in the workshop include: Kinaray-a, Paranan, Amganad (Central Ifugao), Ayangan (additional site), Ibaloi, Kalanguya, Southern Subanen, Majukayong, Kagayanen, Agutaynen, Mayoyao, Balangao, Logos Philippines, and Kwentong Bibliya.