Palanan Community Radio

Some twenty years ago, an  SIL missionary translator had a vision of a radio ministry for the people of Palanan, Isabela. Palanan is a geographically isolated area behind the Sierra Madre mountains and because of this, reception of radio broadcasts coming from mainland Isabela are difficult; hence the vision of Palanan being saturated with the gospel through this ministry!

Now many years have passed, the people have the New Testament translated in their own language ,  an audio translated New Testament Bible has been produced and some religious songs in their language have been composed.

So when the opportunity to open a Low Power Radio Station in Palanan arose, God granted this vision to become a reality!  This ministry is now being used to broadcast the translated Scriptures, sermons and religious songs for evangelistic and discipleship purposes in order to fulfill the great commission in  Matthew 28:19-20 “to go out, preach and teach and make disciples" of the Palanan people through the radio broadcasts!